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Where it all began...

Hi Everyone! My name is Emelie and I am the owner and Vocal teacher of The Voice Box Limerick. Music has always been my passion. From a young age I was always singing! In Primary School I attended drama and dance classes and auditioned for every solo going! Coming into Secondary School I became extremely shy but continued to sing behind closed doors. At the age of 16 I took part in the Transition Year School Musical and my passion became known to my school teachers and class mates.  That year I started attending private singing lessons and my confidence grew as a result. It was in these lessons that a seed became planted in my mind, that this was the job I wanted to do. I wanted to be the person that instilled confidence into others. I wanted to be the teacher!

After Secondary school I focused on making this dream a reality. In 2009 I attended a Performing Arts Course in Cork, to continuing my education in the University of Limerick studying Voice and Dance.  After graduating with an honours degree in 2014, I immediately embarked on opening my own singing school. My aim was to create a school that supplied a high quality of teaching and most importantly affordable to those who might struggle to pay for individual tuition!

When a dream became a reality...

I first opened in 2014 at the Guitar institute Limerick, from here I taught at The Limerick Youth Centre and The Open Door Studios. In August of 2019 I opened my own home studio on Broadstreet.  In 2021 I was delighted to be able to add a second teacher to the school. 

Throughout the last few years I have continued to learn all I could about the voice. In 2018 I completed a BAST teaching training course and that same year I completed a Speech and Language Therapy Assistance course in Dublin. I have also attended the Vocology in Practice conferences since 2019! In 2020 I took part in the first cohort of The Vocal Health First Aid course and have qualified as a vocal health first aider. In 2021 I became the first Modern Vocal Trainer in Limerick. The science of the voice is always evolving so it is important to keep up to date with new research!


My philosophy...

At the Voice Box you are encouraged to embrace your own style and originality. My studio is a safe space to experiment with your voice, to learn about all its capabilities with no judgement whatsoever! There is no negativity in my school! I like to encourage every student to pick songs they love and put their own spin on them! You can even bring along your own original songs! My aim of this school is to keep costs as low as possible for students and parents but while offering expert tuition. It seems unfair that some can't afford 1-2-1 lessons. I don't believe money should be an obstacle when it comes to doing what you love.


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