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A bit about me!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Emelie and I am the founder and teacher of The Voice Box Limerick!


From a young age I was always singing! In Primary School I attended drama and dance classes and auditioned for every solo going! Going into Secondary School I became extremely shy but continued to sing behind closed doors. At the age of 16 I took part in the Transition Year School Musical and my passion became known to my school teachers and class mates.  That year I started attending private singing lessons and my confidence grew as a result. It was in these lessons that a seed became planted in my mind, that this was the job I wanted to do. I wanted to be the person that instilled confidence into others. I wanted to be the teacher!

I obtained my degree in 2014 from The University of Limerick in Voice and Dance and throughout the  years I have continued to learn all I could about the voice. In 2018 I completed a BAST teaching training course and that same year I completed a Speech and Language Therapy Assistance course in Dublin. I have also attended the Vocology in Practice conferences since 2019! In 2020 I took part in the first cohort of The Vocal Health First Aid course and have qualified as a Vocal Health First Aider. In 2021 I became the first Modern Vocal Trainer in Limerick. 

A Dream Became Reality


 I first opened in 2014 at the Guitar institute Limerick, from here I taught at The Limerick Youth Centre and The Open Door Studios.  I always held onto the hope I could someday have my very own studio and in 2019 I finally saved up enough money to buy my own home thus creating my very own music studio!


I wanted to focus on four main things in my school, creativity, vocal health, confidence building and affordability! I didn't want students restricted to learning for exams and I didn't want music lessons to put any family under pressure financially!


During the COVID 19 pandemic I started planning Zoom Open Mic Nights for my students and I was delighted to be able to to transfer these to in person Open Mic Nights in Melody, The Urban Co-op and Wickham Way. In 2021 I was absolutely chuffed to be able to add other workshops and classes to the school as well as group singing classes at The Urban Co-op. In 2023 I created Sing Club, a free club for students to meet and discuss all things music! I am constantly trying to grow and improve, to be the best teacher I can possibly be!

I am so grateful everyday that I get to help singers achieve their goals! 

Happy Singing!


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